7 Popular Cornrow Braid Styles Used By the People

Cornrow braids are even referred to as the latch hook braids. It is merely a technique in which the entire volume of hair is being brought together. After that people easily make twists out of it.

You will feel like the weaving of the hair is being done. There is no doubt in the fact that African people make use of this styling pattern quite commonly. It is the most fashionable and evergreen hair styling pattern of the people.

Are you aware of the fact that this hair styling pattern protects your beautiful hairs? Well, yes big cornrows braids hairstyles are considered to be the protective techniques for the strands. At the same time, it even helps to provide assistance to foster the growth rate of your strands.

So, if you properly take care of your strands, this is undoubtedly going to bring amazing results. You can wear the one cornrow braid in all the forms say straight, curly, in a twisting form or as per your personal choice.

How To Do Cornrow Braid Styles

Here are the 7 best cornrow braid hairstyles for women in 2019. These are the Most stylish African hair braiding styles.

The Simple Braids

Depending on the shape of your face you may decide to maintain a simple cornrow by taking it to the back. Do not have many stylish cuts or parts. You can make simple zigzags or part a little to the side. These will suit round shape faces a lot. For others, they may also opt for it if they have long hair or medium hair so that the face does not look very long.

Suitable for the face shape: Long, oval faces are suitable

Suitable occasion or party: Ideal for all the parties

Suitable age: Suits the kids and female of all age groups

Best season to wear: Best for the autumn and winter season

Suitable dress: It best goes with the ethnic wear

Adding Twists

To give your regular cornrow braid a different and stylish look you can add twist and beads to the look. Start the twists from the roots of the hair and go towards the end. So the entire braid is not twisted. Now you may apply colourful beads at even distances on each of the braid or even bead one after another. You can even bun it up into a style so as to leave loose the braids and the beads. If you intend to tie your braids then you can actually bead only the crown region and may be only one or two beads on the braid tied up.

Suitable for the face shape: Heart shape faces are suitable

Suitable occasion or party: Wedding, parties

Suitable Age: All age groups are try

Best season to wear: Goes in all season but mainly Summer.

Suitable dress: Saree, Churidars

More Complicated Looks

Various complicated sections and buns may be added for the trendy look by adding complicated twists. This will surely require lot of time as has to be done very carefully and also requires expertise. Therefore, you can actually go for a stylist to save both time and also get perfect style.

Suitable for the face shape: Round, Diamond shape faces

Suitable occasion or party: wedding, bridal parties

Suitable age: Women, girls

Best season to wear: It goes well in every season.

Suitable dress: Saree, Lehenga

Adding Colors and Accessories

You can even add colours to that classic black braids and use accessories and make up which is little more colourful to give a trendy look. You can also add beads or colourful rubber band. This style is easy and never goes out of fashion. You can also add that afro look by afro weave behind.

Suitable for the face shape: Round, Square shape faces

Suitable occasion or party: Office, parties

Suitable age: Best suited for age group 20-45

Best season to wear: Summer look

Suitable dress: Formal dress

The Most Stylish Cornrow Braids

However, since they require time and expertise you actually may need assistance or a stylist to get the finesse. You can consider it to be an evergreen hair style which will help you to enhance your look. Undoubtedly, it is one of the extraordinary styling patterns which we can even decorate as per the individual liking.

Suitable for the face shape: Square, heart, oval, round

Suitable occasion or party: wedding, bridal, parties

Suitable age: Teens, women, girls

Best season to wear: In any wedding season.

Suitable dress: Ethnic wear, Lehenga, Saree

Adding braids with sections

Make use of the cornrow in the entire hair length, to have an awesome look. Whatever might be the face pattern be it will help you to wear a confident look. It can be easily maintained, and you do not need to provide your regular attention. The hairs are then arranged with the impressive look all in the backward portion.

Suitable for the face shape: Square, Heart, Long, oval

Suitable occasion or party: Good for any party

Suitable age: Suits the female of all age group between 25 to 40 years

Best season to wear: Best for the winter season

Suitable dress: It best goes well with formal wear

Cornrow in V format

A mid section line is made so that the hairs are appropriately split. We make braids with the use of some ribbons. It helps to enhance the cuteness of the kids. Moreover, they look quite pretty. It might take much time, but in the end, the outcome will leave you quite surprising.

Suitable for the face shape: Heart, Round, Oblong

Suitable occasion or party: Wedding parties

Suitable age: Teenagers

Best season to wear: Goes in all season.

Suitable dress: Casual Wear

How To Overcome The Problems?

- There is no double thought for the fact that you can consider crochet braiding to be the hottest hair styling pattern followed in Social Media.

- Well, both the procedure of wearing it and then removing it is not an easy task.

- You need to maintain the patience level in both works. Make use of the hair oils and then shampooing it properly with the conditioning work helps to create useful results.

- People even regard making use of the apple cider vinegar to be very beneficial.

There is no doubt in the fact that hairs play a quite decisive impact on your overall look. If Well, people are making use of the African braid cornrow styles in an obvious manner. Helping to provide some stunning results, these braid patterns are no doubt beneficial at the same time.


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