Chicken Ghee Roast Recipe

Ingredients for making Chicken Ghee Roast

  • Chicken 1 kg, bite sized pieces, washed

  • Curd 1/2 cup, thick yogurt

  • Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp

  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp

  • Salt to taste

  • Jaggery 2 tsps (or sugar)

  • Curry leaves 1 sprig

  • Ghee 6 tbsps

  • Dry red chilies 7 to 8, large (spicy variety)

  • Dry red chilies 3 (small variety)

  • Black peppercorns 7-8

  • Cloves 3

  • Fenugreek seeds pinch

  • Coriander seeds 1 1/2 tbsps

  • Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp

  • Garlic flakes 7-8

  • Tamarind paste 1 1/2 tbsps

Method for making Chicken Ghee Roast

  • Marinate chicken in curd, turmeric powder, lemon juice and half a tsp of salt for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

  • Dry roast the red chilies on low flame for 2 mts.

  • Do not burn them. Remove from fire and keep aside.

  • In the same pan, add a tsp of ghee and roast, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cloves and peppercorns on low flame for 3 minutes. Remove from fire and cool.

  • Grind the roasted red chilies and spices along with garlic and tamarind to a fine paste. Keep aside.

  • Heat 2 1/2 tbsps ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel, place the marinated pieces along with the marinade and cook for 20-22 mts or till its three fourth cooked.

  • Remove the sauteed chicken pieces and keep aside. Remove the remaining liquid into another bowl.

  • In the same vessel, add the remaining ghee, and add the ground paste.

  • Saute on low to medium flame for 8-9 mts to till the ghee separates.

  • Add the chicken pieces and mix well. Add the left over liquid (while cooking chicken) and jaggery and cook on medium flame for 4 mts. Add salt to taste and mix.

  • Reduce flame, place lid and cook till the chicken is cooked and you have a thick coating of the masala to the chicken pieces. This is not a curry, its a roast dish.

  • Remove lid, roast the chicken for 2-3 mts. Turn off flame, remove onto a serving bowl.

  • Garnish with curry leaves and serve with ghee rice, any flavored rice of your choice or white rice.

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