Does Sweating Lead To Hair Loss?

Do you know sweat can actually cause hair loss? Surprised!! Yes, it is true. Well, often people have this mindset that sweating more is good for health. But that’s not true at all. Though sweating is a healthy mechanism in removing toxins from the body, however, excess sweating can be harmful to the hair and scalp due to lactic acid content in the sweat.

The Logic: How Does Sweating Cause Hair Loss:

On one side, there are studies that have shown that when the lactic acid in the sweat mixes with the keratin in the hair it leads to damage and hair loss. This is one reason why to a certain extent you might feel loss of hair when you are sweating or just after that.

On the other hand, the sweat glands secrete sweat that mixes with the bacteria already accumulated on the scalp and leads to formation of fungal infections. This unhygienic condition leads to hair loss according to a lot of researchers.

There is another logic why sweat can lead to hair fall and loss. It says that when we sweat through the sweat glands on the scalp, it leads to dehydration of the hair strands. This can be another reason why there is hair loss associated with sweat. When sweat mixes with flakes on the scalp it can block the pores and make the hair follicles inactive. This can also lead to hair loss to quite an extent.

Prevention of Hair Loss through Sweating

Now that it is clear that hair loss and sweating are connected to an extent, the next is know how you can prevent such situations in a successful and effortless manner.

1. Wash the hair more than often especially if the weather is hot and humid and you are more prone to sweating. This will help in removing the dirt and extra sebum production that can mix with the sweat and cause hair loss.

2. Take steam on the hair. This helps in opening up the pores and thus flushes out the dirt and toxins from the scalp. It also removes the extra oil and activates the hair follicles for proper functioning. This is one way to prevent hair loss through sweat.

3. Massage the scalp with oil. This helps in proper blood circulation to the hair follicles as well as ensures deep nourishment and removal of dirt and toxins. This is one of the best ways apart from shampooing to prevent hair loss through sweating.

4. Avoid tight hairstyles or ponytails that can prevent the sweat from evaporating and trigger it to get accumulated with the dirt and oil in the scalp and thus cause hair loss. Keep the hair loose to enhance passing of air.

5. Brushing the hair will help in blood circulation as well as keep the sweat away. This is one way in which you can prevent hair loss. It increases hair growth by pressurizing the points of the hair follicles.

Ways to Reduce Scalp Sweat

- Stay Stress and Anxiety Free

- Deep breathing techniques are helpful

- Wash hair after exercise

- Adhere to home remedies to prevent excessive sweating

- Have an active and fit lifestyle


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