Gout and Uric Acid - Do’s and Don’ts

In today's era, almost everyone is facing the problem of having joint or bone pain. And, this problem may increase with the age. Many people ignore this pain thinking that it is due to their busy lifestyle and changing weather. But, sometimes this pain may be due to high uric acid present in the body. Here, it is advisable not to ignore this pain.

The reason of having high uric acid is because of an element called purine which is found in many foods. When the human body digests this purine, it works to produce uric acid. It is vital to flush out this acid from the body. At the same time, if high uric acid starts accumulating in the body, it may lead to many health side effects. It is called hyperuricemia and it can lead to gout and nephrolithiasis. This article covers a brief introduction about what to eat in uric acid and what should be avoided.

Here, it is important to avoid foods containing more purine. These purine rich foods may cause many health problems and also may increase the risk of gout, which is a type of arthritis. Doing this will surely help you to remove the high levels of uric acid present in the body.

Food to Eat in High Uric Acid

Green Vegetables

The consumption of green vegetables is really very beneficial for health. But, some vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms, asparagus can be play a vital role. Many health experts believe that foods containing less purine should be eaten while having this disease, so consume asparagus and spinach in a balanced quantity. Along with this you can also consume potatoes, sprouted beans, carrots, cabbage and cucumber.


Although, there are a wide range of fruits available that can be eaten, but cherries can be more beneficial for people with high uric acid. Research has revealed that cherries may reduce the high levels of uric acid or work directly on inflammation. In addition to this, they can be helpful in preventing gout attack risk. Apart from this, you can also include bananas and strawberries in your daily diet.


Here, it is recommended to consume plenty of water. It is believed that drinking 6 to 5 glass of water per day may lower the risk of gout attack. Ask your doctor or health care provider for more details.

Dairy Products

You can also take dairy products such as milk or milk products. For this, you can also consume cheese and curd.

In addition to this, you can also consume eggs, rice, soy milk, green peas, groundnut and almonds.

What Not to Eat in Uric Acid?

You should avoid the use of foods listed below

- Avoid fish or other seafood, as they are rich in purine which may lead to high uric acid in the body. If you still consume them, then avoid consuming the parts such as liver, kidney and breast.

- Avoid drinking beverages containing high sugar soft drinks, sugar-containing fruit juice and sodas.

- Avoid the use of certain types of medicines. It is recommended to take medicine under the supervision of a doctor.

- Avoid overeating at once. By doing so the risk of gaining weight may increase, which may lead to the risk of gout.

- Avoid alcohol and smoking.

- Drink lots of water.

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