Healthy Kosher Diet Secrets and Benefits

Healthy Kosher Diet Secrets and Benefits

Kosher is a Hebrew word which means fit and proper. Kosher foods meet the dietary requirement of Jewish laws. People originated from Jew eat kosher foods. Throughout the years, we have heard a lot about the health benefits of kosher diet.

These foods are less vulnerable to parasites, bacteria and insects. Species of animals that are not permitted are hunters whose natures might affect the character of the human being consuming it. Kosher food is considered as the optimal diet that can lead to healthy and high spirited life.

In kosher diet the foods are those which abides by the rules and regulations of kashrut( Jewish laws). In kosher diet foods are divided into three categories: meat, dairy and pareve. The food is in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. Meat and dairy products are not made or consumed together.

Animal products like meat and other products by unclean animals are not eaten in this diet. Birds like eagle, owl, vulture, and stork are prohibited. Chicken, turkey, duck, goose are the birds which are considered kosher and can be eaten. Before eating the egg it should be carefully observed and examined so that they do not contain blood.

In dairy products only the milk derived from kosher animals are allowed. Milk from impure cattle and donkey are strictly prohibited.

Milk And Meat Rule

Milk and meat are not cooked together. There is a very interesting fact behind it. The Torah says: “You may not cook a young animal in the milk of its mother”. So this is the reason behind meat and milk not being cooked together. They should not even be served or eaten together at the same time on a dining table. This is strictly observed and followed in kosher diet. After the consumption of meat, one must wait for 3-4 hours before consuming dairy. Nut after consuming one doesn’t needs to have an interval before consuming meat.

Types of Fish That Can Be Eaten

One may eat fish but only with fins and scales for example salmon, tuna and herring. Lobsters and shellfishes like tuna and salmon should not be eaten.

Fruits And Vegetables That Can Be Eaten On Kosher Diet

The products which grow on soil, ground, bushes and plants are considered as kosher foods and can be simply consumed. Insects and animals with legs are not considered kosher. So vegetables, fruits and other products infested with insects must be checked and cleansed before eating.


Beverages manufactured from grape are not allowed in kosher diet.


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