How to get a Smokey Eyes in Minutes

A Smokey eyes in a few minutes

Foreword Smokey eyes, in their classic black version, allow you to flatter all the colors of iris and make any look intense and magnetic. You can wear a very intense smokey eyes for an evening or lighter on a daily basis. Everything lies in the art of dosing and blending to obtain a perfect smokiness. Follow the steps to succeed in your smokey eyes in a few minutes.

The equipment necessary for the Smokey eyes, You need

- A base for eye shadow

- A black pencil (optional)

- A matte or iridescent black eye shadow (it all depends on the desired effect), or a brown or dark gray eye shadow

- A light shade (white, silver, golden or flesh)

- A flat brush

- A blending brush (rounded, broad and bushy brush)

- A small fine brush

- A mascara

- Cotton swabs (for blurs).

The Stages of the realization of the smokey eyes

* Start by applying your eye shadow base, which will intensify the colors and prolong their hold.

Optional step: for more intensity, place black pencil on all your mobile eyelid and blur with a finger or a brush. Also draw a black line at the bottom of the lower lashes.

* Using the flat brush, remove the black (or gray or dark brown) eye shadow then tap to remove the excess.

* Deposit your eye shadow by concentrating the color on your mobile eyelid. Leave the inner corner of the eye free.

* At the outer corner of the eye, stretch the material up towards the tail of your eyebrow and trace a V shape to create a "cat eye" effect. With the edge of the brush, drop in the make-up close to the lower lashes.

* Keep your cotton swabs close at hand to erase any burrs and improve the shape of your layout. - With a blurring brush, blur the edges of the eye shadow to avoid demarcation. If necessary, take a little flesh-colored eye shadow on the brush, this will help to degrade the color.

* Illuminate the inner corner of the eye so as not to extinguish the gaze. To do this, apply a light shade (white, beige, golden or silver) using a small brush.

* Finally, apply your mascara, emphasizing the outer corner of the eye. Tip to wear the smoky eyes during the day and discreetly: opt for a lighter, brown or taupe eye shadow, which will be less intense.

* You can also place a light shadow on your mobile eyelid (taupe, gray, gold Free Articles, and praline) and reserve the dark shadow only at the outer corner of the eye. Remember to blend the colors together.

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