How To Use Curry Leaves For Hair Growth?

Hair is composed of keratin and is multi-layered by nature. The promotion of hair follows a cycle and all these stages take place simultaneously determining the length of the braid. A proper diet, work life, balance in hormones determine a good development and length of the braid. Hair enhances the beauty and the personality of a person and is an essential element of the human body. In this article we discussing how to use curry leaves for hair growth?

Effect Of Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

It is a native plant from Srilanka and India and they are highly appreciated by the adjacent countries. In daily lives, these curry leaves are very commonly used in the Indian territory and is highly used in various preparations like curries, legumes stews etc. Being a traditional herb it is used in modern and traditional savories. Apart from the taste it provides, they are very beneficial for health, hair and skin. They carry an aroma and the places in Southern India tend to use in every dish. People who are irritated with a bad and a poor hair growth can try curry leaves as they help in the stimulation of the hair growth and also they help to make the follicles of the hair healthy.

Distinct Ways Of Using Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

Since during treatments, hair dryers, pollution etc the quality of the hair and the roots get damaged and the growth comes to a halt. The mutilated roots get mended with the help of curry leaves and it supplies enormous nutrients. An application of a paste over the scalp makes the follicles healthy and provides strength to the hair.

People diagnosed with diabetes or people who have no problems with the bitter taste should consider eating raw curry leaves. They assist in mending the discarded strands of hair and enhance the growth of hair.

Due to deficiency of various vitamins and nutrients, worry, alcohol, etc. premature graying of hair takes place. The vitamin B present in the curry leaves assists to get back the color and supplies ample nourishment and strength to the hair. The pigments become stronger and the hair grows healthier. A rich black radiant looking hair is attained by consuming curry leaves.

Various daily life activities lead to the thinning and loss of hair. Curry leaves are highly concentrated with the compounds called beta-carotene and proteins. The prior compound prevents the loss of hair and the latter helps to make the hair thicker. Highly enriched with antioxidants and amino acids, they tend to moisturize and make the follicles stronger. The ruptured cells being the cause of dandruff get away with the help of these leaves.

The leaves along with coconut oil do wonders for the hair. Few leaves can be submerged in the oil and boiled. After a black residue is attained, an application over the scalp should be made. This residue should be applied twice a week to attain good quality hair.

The portion which is noticeable above the main scalp is called as the shaft of the hair. The compounds called pyridoxine or the vitamin B6 found in the leaves act as great stimulators and regulators of hormones for the loss of hair. The hold of the shaft and the follicles become high and the primary causes for the bad hair growth and loss get cured with the leaves.

The curry leaves can be blended along with curd for an application over the scalp. The mixture can be applied over the scalp gently and left for a span of twenty minutes before a rinse. In a span of three to four weeks a great result is attained.

Various herbs are beneficial for health but curry leaves are very beneficial for the growth and an attainment of lustrous hair. Curry leaves are great stimulators and tends to cure various problems.


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