Know everything About Acupressure as an Effective Healing Method

Acupressure is an ancient holistic treatment method that originated from ancient China. This therapy is used for curing practically all the common and some not so common ailments of the body. The same principles are applied in acupressure as in acupuncture, but only it’s not invasive as acupuncture.

Acupressure healing method works on pressing acupoints or acupressure points located in line with some invisible channels or meridians in the body. The meridians start from the fingertips, connect the brain, and then channelize reactions to the affected parts of the body.

The method to do acupressure therapy begins by pressing some specific acupressure points to comfort patients and cure the ailment. Every health disorder has some specific acupoints in the body. These need to be pressed by applying a pressure of different intensities by fingers or by holding a softer object as a tool, like a pencil eraser. Here are some common daily health issues cured effectively by acupressure therapy.

Cure Knee Problems with Acupressure Therapy

Knee pain has become a common health problem, affecting people of all ages. The causes of knee pains may include hyperactivity, grave injuries, and indifferent lifestyle, etc. Knee pains could lead to a struggle in walking, swelling, and severe pains. Normally doctors advise medications, compression, and exercises to have relief from pains, which may provide you temporary relief. However, you can safely cure knee pain yourself with acupressure for a longer period, without any side effects.

Cure Constipation in Women with Acupressure

Constipation is a common problem that may be caused due to poor hydration and poor food habits with less fiber in food. Women can suffer more for stress, improper hygiene, pregnancy, and strained pelvic muscles during deliveries. Also, it could happen because of controlling bowel movement for long due to social constraints and colon cancer. Acupressure healing method effectively treats constipation by pressing few acupoints located in the hands, legs, and torso.

Blood Pressure Treatment with Acupressure

The impact of uncontrolled blood pressure is far-reaching on the body. This could be controlled by avoiding high salt food and active life. However, acupressure therapy has been found to help in regularizing the blood circulation and body metabolism also. There are some acupoints, where after applying pressure, the results could be amazing. Check on acupoints that could offer prolonged relief, learn here in this site more on ‘How to apply pressure on acupoints'.

Diabetes Cure with Acupressure Healing Method

Diabetes is a common health issue that happens due to improper lifestyle and hereditary reasons. This problem is due to unregulated insulin and sugar levels in the blood. Higher insulin levels could damage arteries, body organs and hamper normal health & your life.

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