Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits For Health, Hair & Skin

On a cold and damp day, nothing can be as soothing as sipping some Lemon Ginger tea. This wonderful drink offers the goodness of lemon and ginger in the form of a warm beverage.

Lemon Ginger tea is a clear, water-based tea, which can be easily made at home. It is highly recommended by doctors and health experts over regular tea, for its superior nutrition value.

From clearing a sore throat to speeding up digestion, there are many health benefits of lemon ginger tea.

Is Ginger Lemon Tea Good For You?

Lemon Ginger tea prepared with fresh ginger and lemon juice works as a magic potion to your health. Ginger is loaded with many vital nutrients like Gingerols, which have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon on the other hand, is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C toward off any disease-causing bacteria or virus and strengthen the immune system. Also, Lemon Ginger tea is extremely low on calories and can be assist in weight loss.

Nutrition Facts Of Lemon Ginger Tea

Let’s understand the nutritional breakup of 1 Cup Serving of freshly made Lemon Ginger Tea:

Total Calorie – 7.5

Total Fat – 0 gm

Total Cholesterol – 0 gm

Potassium – 37.4 gm

Total Carbohydrates – 2.4 gm

Dietary Fiber – 0.1 gm

Vitamin C – 18.2%

How To Prepare Ginger Lemon Tea?

Most people prefer having ready-to-use lemon ginger tea bags for convenience. However, these bags do not match the taste and quality of homemade tea, made with fresh ingredients. Try this simple Lemon Ginger Tea recipe given below:

Things You Need

Ginger Root – 1 inch

Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

Water – 1 Cup


- Heat a cup of water in a vessel.

- Add freshly pound Ginger root to the water and bring it to boil.

- Allow the juice to seep in.

- Remove from heat and strain the liquid.

- Add some lemon juice and serve hot.

Serving Tip: Adding a dollop of honey can cut down the acidity of the tea and also impart natural sweetness.

Best Time To Drink Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon Ginger tea is best consumed after meals or in-between meals. Drinking it on early morning may cause acidity and stomach upset. Also, it is advised to keep the limit to no more than 2-3 cups per day to enjoy better health benefits without experiencing any complications.

Lemon Ginger Tea Health Benefits

Check out the top 12 health benefits of drinking lemon ginger tea on a regular basis.

1. Prevents Diabetes

Lemon Ginger Tea is proven to effectively reduce the harmful effects of Diabetes. It works by increasing the insulin production into the body. You will also notice an improved metabolism and better absorption of nutrients. People with a family history of diabetes are advised to consume the drink regularly to prevent falling prey to it.

2. Aids In Better Digestion

A simple way to regulate the functions of the digestive system is to include freshly made lemon ginger tea in the diet. It is also helpful in treatment of heartburn’s and stomach bloating. Drinking some ginger lemon tea regularly can aid in proper digestion and help you pass your bowels smoothly.

3. For Radiant Skin

Surprisingly, it is believed that the drink helps in improving the skin health and gives you a flawless appearance. The high levels of vitamins and antioxidants work in your favour in this regard. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties help in clearing the skin of various ailments and infections.

4. Treats Nausea

For those who are having troubles of nausea and vomiting tendencies due to issues like motion sickness, can easily tackle the problem by having a cup or two of freshly made lemon ginger tea. The tangy taste of this tea can improve your appetite and reduce the bad taste in your mouth.

5. Fights Flu Causing Microbes

The antioxidants in lemon ginger tea helps in making the immune system strong and gives it the strength to fight the infections including something as common as cold and flu. Lemon and Ginger tea for cold is one of the oldest known home remedies. Also, the warmth of Ginger flavour in the tea can offer instant relief from soreness.

6. Reduces Pains

Starting from something as common as headaches to something as prevalent in women as menstrual cramps, more and more people have reaped major benefits from drinking lemon ginger tea. This is because of the anti inflammatory benefit of ginger that helps in easing the inflammation in an efficient manner.

7. Treats Ovarian Cysts

Those who have ovarian cysts or any chances of developing ovarian cancer can easily use some lemon ginger tea for help. Lemon ginger tea helps in preventing cell damage and death in the body thus preventing the deadly issues of ovaries.

8. Strong Hair

With the good amounts of antioxidants and vitamins in the body through ginger lemon tea, you can always ensure that the scalp in kept healthy and the hair follicles are activated. This helps in proper hair growth as well as in keeping the hair free from all kinds of problems and crises. It also keeps away hair breakage and hair loss and provides good strength to the hair strands.

9. Slows Down Ageing Signs

The antioxidants clear the body of the free radicals that is known to cause damage to the cells and lead to ageing signs. By drinking lemon ginger tea each day, you can stay youthful and keep ageing away for a longer period of time. This is one of the lesser known health benefits of drinking lemon and ginger tea.

10. Aids In Weight Loss

Lemon and Ginger tea for weight loss is a proven solution. Ginger contains a compound called Leptin that gives a full feeling in the stomach. The concoction also helps in boosting metabolism for quicker digestion and calorie burning. Consuming Lemon Ginger tea daily can keep your belly fat in check.

11. For Fresher Breath

Bad breath can be quite embarrassing and is a sign of dental problems. Lemon and Ginger tea can work on this by removing the plaque and destroying the odour causing bacteria. Along with sipping the tea, you can even gargle warm ginger lemon tea to experience fresh breath and healthy teeth.

12. Reduced Cholesterol

Lemon and Ginger, both are effective in reducing the amounts of Cholesterol in the body. Although it does not improve the HDL or “good cholesterol” levels, the bad cholesterol levels are significantly reduced. Regular consumption of this drink can prevent choked arteries and cardio-vascular diseases.

Ginger Lemon Tea Side Effects

Below are some of the side effects of drinking lemon and ginger tea in excess amounts:

Some people with sensitive stomachs may find it uncomfortable taking it on empty stomach, as it can cause minor burning sensation and acidity.

Also, there are people who are allergic to ginger, which could cause a rash or ulcer in their mouths.

People with low blood pressure may experience light headedness as a side effect.

One needs to pay heed to the saying that “too much of anything can be bad”, when trying out even natural remedies. It is important not to overdo the tea and consume it in the suggested quantities for maximum health benefits. Lemon and Ginger tea has been a tried and tested elixir to boost your immunity and lead a hale and hearty life.


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