Pomegranate Benefits for Diabetes

One of the common household diseases that have been an absolute peril for many is none other than diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus as the official name records is a somewhat serious disease where the blood sugar of the patient or the glucose in their body is at a higher level than normally.

Diabetes mainly comes in two types, type 1 and type 2. Along with modern medication and constant diabetes level check there are some organic approaches to control and maintain your diabetes. The best of it is pomegranate.

The Fruit

The pomegranate fruit is one of the long living fruit varieties that have been known for its medicinal values all around the world. There is of course the fruit bearing tree but when we say pomegranates, it is the fruit that we mainly refer to.

Being enriched in natural anti bacterial and anti viral properties, no wonder this is one of the leading fruits that can actually help in your ailment.

Resembling an orange or an apple from the outside the hard cover of this fruit peels off and inside you will find millions of small raspberry looking fleshy seeds.

That’s the main part of pomegranate and it is these fleshy seeds that form the main component for the juice.

Is Pomegranate Good For Diabetes People


- The best benefit of pomegranate is in its juice from where the rich antioxidant property of the pomegranate juice would help you ease down on the glucose thereby relieving you from sudden sugar attacks.

- The pomegranate would definitely help you lower your blood sugar and as a result if you are currently suffering from hyperglycemia, this fruit will still be your life saver.

- Pomegranate is a sweet enough food. It has sweetening properties in itself but the best part to this fruit is that, the sugar contained in pomegranate has passed the research with flying colors where it was seen that the sugar in the fruit is organic and will not help in aiding blood sugar raise.

- Here is a rather exciting discovery regarding pomegranates and diabetes. The deal started with some experiments on rats where some of them were given pomegranate seed oils and the others were not given any at all.

- The results showed the former set of rats had much less insulin count in their body which lead us to believe pomegranate can actually help you in diabetic treatment where the oil from the seed controls insulin level in our body.

- This fruit is made up of all the anti diabetic compounds such as ursolic acids and gallic acids and ellagic acids and many more. These might be mere science terms to you, but they sure would be your friend in the long run.

- It is not only the seeds that helps us but also the fruit in an entire form. Even the peels from this beautiful fruit will help you maintain your glucose level. The peel has been proven to control the glucose levels in your body.

Diet Chart

Pomegranate is a fun fruit that you can have on the go and for that here is a small chart on how to incorporate it well in your everyday food plan.

Protein Shakes

Every morning you may add pomegranate in your already planned protein shakes or simply juice out the seeds and gulp down a healthy glass of pomegranate juice.

On the go

With the busy mornings, you can add pomegranate on your on the road snack list, maybe while you rest after that half an hour jog or on the way to your office when you have missed the breakfast.

Think Healthy

For a good brunch or evening snack why not use salads with added pomegranates in it for added taste.


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