Symptoms And Causes Of Mouth Cancer

Also popular as oral cancer, mouth cancer has a record of depriving its patients of their life in huge numbers. Statistics say up to 8000 in the western region, especially the US, dies due to the deadly disease at hand and let’s not forget to mention the other millions suffering from mouth cancer. In fact, this disease is known to take away as many as 920 people each year in the UK with a total of 2700 annual cases.

Our body is a store house of cells with our a million swarming cell forming an integral part of our body. Cancer occurs when a perfectly healthy cell loses its sanity forming an abnormal cell condition. These abnormal cells have quite the reputation for proliferating its number twice as faster as the normal cells, which results in these abnormal cells growing more than needed. Unlike the normal cells, these cells don’t mature to the fullest, making them premature for use, but they do not die like the normal ones, which makes it more unbearable.

The cancer cells in case of mouth or oral cancer can be situated anywhere from between your lips to your gums, inner cheeks, head and even neck region. The entirety of the process from the lips to the inside of our mouth is termed as mouth cancer which might affect anywhere.

Often at times, these cells accumulate in a certain place, causing what looks like a sore which with time forms a lump. That is in medical terms called a tumour, often malignant, that is, not curable. These tumours then spread to different body parts. It may expand in its base source. Often a few cell break away from the tumor and through the blood vessels and lymph nodes travel to the other parts of the body causing cancer cell formation there. This way the disease slowly spreads.

Cancer is a very deadly disease and often brings not only misery but pain and suffering to the patient. Without a stable sure shot solution, cancer can take life away real easy. It holds it grounds when someone says cancer is the deadliest disease where there is always a high chance of death than survival.

Enlisted below are some of the causes and symptoms of mouth cancer, that trigger cancer cells in the mouth.

Causes And Symptoms Of Mouth Cancer

There are often some symptoms that give away the identity of mouth cancer disease.

Symptom Of Mouth Cancer


Often in case of mouth cancer, there are sores almost the same as canker sores which are fleshy and white or reddish in color. These sores can be painful and may persist for longer than necessary. Formation of new sores along with it might be a pain too. This can be either in the inner lips or cheeks or on the top of the mouth or maybe on the tongue.

Soreness In Throat

If the cancer cells have targeted your throat, you will have a sore throat. At first one might mistake it for something common but later if this sore throat persists for long and increases maybe with time, make sure you get a quick check up done.

Voice Modulation

Such sort of these diseases might even show early symptoms in the form of a coarse rough voice which is different to your original voice. This might be due to common cold and at times might just be the reason of a cancerous tumor. Pain along with it is also a bad omen.

Jaw Pain And Stiffness

The heavy sore or tumours might cause your jaw to lock at times and when you do move them a stinging sensation follows.

Red And White Patches In The Throat And The Mouth

Want to know about the different symptoms of mouth cancer? Apart from soreness, red and white patches in the mouth are one of the most common causes of mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is one of the most common problems among both young and elderly people and in both rural as well as urban areas. This is one of the symptoms which will be helping people realise whether they are suffering from this type of cancer or not.


Mouth ulcers are also some of the possible mouth cancer symptoms. A person will be severely affected with the different symptoms of mouth cancer if he or she is suffering from mouth cancer. Mouth cancer can really make your life hell as it will cause all kinds of possible difficulties and damages to the mouth.

Swallowing Issues

A person will face some difficulties while swallowing food. This is another important symptom among all the mouth cancer symptoms. A person will face some swallowing difficulties if he (or she) is affected with mouth cancer. Mouth cancer can be removed only through operating and can have some side effects on the mouth. So, it can be said that there is no permanent solution to mouth cancer.

Gland Problems In The Neck

A victim of mouth cancer will be probably suffering from some gland problems in the neck. This is one of the most significant symptoms of mouth cancer and is common in both old as well as young people.

Jaw Difficulties

If you’re suffering from mouth cancer, then you will face severe jaw difficulties. This is one of the many symptoms of mouth cancer.

Weight Loss

If an individual is suffering from mouth cancer, then losing a significant amount of weight without any specific reasons is pretty common.

Causes For Oral Cancer

Excessive Smoking Or Drinking

Usually, the main persons at risk for suffering mouth cancer are someone who is a heavy smoker, preferably a chain smoker or someone who is intricately related to tobacco chewing or smoking. The same goes for alcohol regulars. If you are more prone to consuming both alcohol and smoke, the chances are that you are probably in the top list of to be patients. This is why it is very much rampant in western countries. However, Indians have their own way of triggering cancer cells. It is usually the chewing of beetle nuts which are carcinogenic.

Work Hazards

If you are living or inhabiting in an area that is close to a lot of chemical air and radiation, there is a high chance you might want to reconsider monthly checkups to ensure you are not coming down with oral cancer. These are much more deadly in contents such as sulfuric acid or formaldehyde.

Drug Abuse

Drugs, especially the snorting ones which uses a line and your nasal cavity are complete harm to your body and repeated doing this causes a lot of problems both emotional and physical. Not only does it weaken your immune system, but long exposure to drug abuse destroys your nerves mental sanity. Apart from all this is the high risk of oral cancer which is a sure cause in case of prolonging affairs.


Not a lot many people know but your diet or lifestyle can cause you to suffer from oral cancer. Scientists reveal that red meats are filled with protein and is always recommended as one of the healthiest food but we don’t yet know that red meat might cause you to have mouth cancer. The same goes for processed food straight out of the can and into your plate.


The HPV or human papilloma virus infection can be the cause of your mouth cancer. There is always a high risk involved.


This is a type of common condition known as the gastroesophageal reflux disease, where people with digestion problems often feels the acids flushed out from the stomach makes its way back to the back of the throat. This if is an often condition for you, you might risk a chance at oral cancer.

Snuffing Powdered Tobacco

According to the analysis done on the studies conducted regarding tobacco, it has been seen that people who sniff tobacco using their nose can also be infected with the symptoms of mouth cancer. This is kind of equivalent to the symptoms of smoking. One an easily get sick due to mouth cancer by using their nose to intake tobacco in their body. Tobacco can be extremely harmful for you and there is nothing new about this symptom. It is one of the most common causes of mouth cancer.

Not Eating Proper Foods (Vitamins And Minerals Deficiency)

Yes! A bad diet can be a reason behind mouth cancer. A person can get extremely sick if he or she doesn’t eat the proper things required by the body. This may be one of the many causes behind mouth cancer. A bad diet can really harmful for someone. It doesn’t allow the immune system to work properly and weakens the nervous system which in turn leads to the rise of many diseases such as mouth cancer.

Chewing Betel Nets

It has been proven that chewing betel nuts can cause mouth cancer. If one doesn’t eat proper foods, then he or she can easily get infected with the different symptoms of mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is one of the most leading issues these days and can hamper one’s health. Mouth cancer also leads to permanent issues such as loosing taste sensation.

Oral Hygiene

If you’re dealing with bad breath, then don’t ignore it. This may be the reasons behind severe mouth cancer. One will have to keep their mouth clean along with the rest of the body. A lot of people ignore and later on they have to face the symptoms of mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is one of the most common problems among both men and women and this is one of the possible causes of this type of cancer.


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