Top Ways To Increase Height

A good height is more a role play of the growth hormones and has lots to do with genetics. It is believed that after crossing an age of 18, people normally stop growing taller.

Yet there are several other factors that can help you grow few inches taller even after crossing puberty. These factors are discussed in detail in this post and if you want to increase height naturally, you have just come to the right place.

A good height is always a strong point when it comes to one’s personality. We are in the age where good looks are very important in various walks of life.

Beauty can be enhanced; thanks to so many new cosmetic innovations however height is something that is hereditary and nothing much has been invented so far to increase the height.

Height is however very crucial part of your personality, although nobody can make any drastic changes in terms of height, there are certain solutions which can be implemented in order to achieve a bit more height.

No we are not talking about any cosmetic procedure that has been invented. We are talking about various exercises that can help you achieve your desired height without any stress. In this article we explained procedure for how to increase height.

First of all you have to know what are the factors effecting particularly height increase of humans either may be men or women.

Before everything else let us understand the factors that influence the height of a person. Yes there are several factors that influence the height of a person, particularly genes.

Factors For Increasing Height


The genes are said to be primarily responsible for most of the physical attributes of a person like the weight, complexion, body structure, hair color and of course, the height.


The next factor is hormones- hormones do play a significant role in growth of the body. Hormones actually take care of the activity of several organs of the body.

They actually decide the amount of activity of particular organs of the body. Hormones are basically produced by endocrine lands and they are sent to the blood stream.


Nutrition is very important for the growth of a person. Right from the early childhood a child has to be fed appropriately with proper food that contributes towards the increase in height.


The person’s race does majorly contribute towards the height. Racial factors do bring about the difference in terms of physical appearance in different human beings. The body structure, eyes, hair color and height increase all are depends upon the race an individual belongs to.


Studies have proved that the pollution causes a lot of issues for human beings and mainly it is because of the damage it brings about in the human growth. Pollution is negatively affecting the human growth in every sense.

So we have understood the factors that influence in the height growth of an individual now let us understand the ways to increase the height of a person in the most natural way.

Top Ways To Increase Height

Below are the best tips and ways that are very helpful for increasing height.

1. Healthy Diet

Yes, a healthy diet does contribute towards the how to increase height. Eating right is what I meant, because eating any one would do without much of a fuss. But what you eat is what counts. It is not the quantity of food but quality that matters.

From the beginning make sure your diet includes all the right things and of course make sure you maintain a regular time to eat food daily. Include a whole lot of green leafy vegetables as well as dairy products. Healthy diet include all the vegetables and some dairy products may take lead for how to increase our height.

They provide ample amount of calcium to the body which is a very essential for the body. Make sure your diet includes proteins, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus as these are the chief requirements to increase a person’s height.

Also include fish, chicken, eggs, soybeans, oatmeal, potatoes, beans, carrots etc. in your diet. Apart from that nuts are also very good for increasing the height.

You must say NO to all sorts of aerated drinks, excessive sugar and saturated fats. It is advised to follow the six meals per day plan to ensure that the body gets required food at the right time and also for the fact that this improves the metabolism.

Consumption of less food regularly will ensure that less fat is stored in the body. As a result of which the person’s height will increase naturally.

2. Food Products For Increase Your Height

Now we will talk about some foods and food products which will help us increase height along with all the other rules and exercises here.

Milk And Dairy Products

The best way, especially for children to increase height is to consume two glasses of milk every day and also other dairy products such as cheese, butter, curd, paneer and such other things.

Milk and its products are said to contain all sorts of necessary nutrients which give strength to the body and also help in bone and muscle development. The main nutrients which are there in milk and all sorts of dairy products are proteins, calcium and Vitamin A, B, D and E. Not only children but these are good for teenagers and other people too.

Eat Eggs

Not a single list which tells us how to increase height can ever be completed without mentioning the goodness of eggs in them. Eggs are the cheapest source of proteins available in the market.

Eggs contain very useful nutrients such as protein, calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin D2 which is also known as Riboflavin in them. These are very helpful as they provide strength and also help in bone intensity development.

There are ways in which you can eat the egg and the best is to hard boil it. Now if you are fat conscious and do not want to consume the same you can just leave the yolks and consume the white or the albumin portion of the egg regularly for best results.


Chicken is a magical tip for height increase even if you are over age. Overage as in if you are above 24 or 25 years then chicken is the best way to proceed. It has some magical natural contents of proteins which are very fast sources to speed up muscle and tissue building and development in the body.

To get the best results, you should not cook this chicken with lot of oil and spices because that way round you will gain the weight and the nutritional value will decrease due to the spices and oil. You should consume a minimum of 65 grams of chicken every day.

Soy Bean And Soy Products

This is the best news for the vegetarians out there who do not want to consume chicken and eggs but still want to increase a few inches. Soy bean is one of the best ways to increase height and you should include at least 55 grams of this in your diet every day.

Soy bean contains very essential nutrients and is a whole nutrient product. The nutrients in soy bean and its products include proteins, foliage, fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates.

You can soak the beans overnight and then boil to consume them or make them a part of your every day salads and soups. Soy milk and tofu are also equally good.

Banana Benefits

This is one fruit which we know is bad because we gain weight due to the consumption of this. But the benefits of banana anytime overpower this one disadvantage. The fruit is very rich in potassium, manganese and calcium.

There are also a lot of pro bio-tic bacteria in bananas which protect the calcium in bones and muscles from decreasing and also prevent the bad effect of sodium in bones. Other than height increase bananas are also known as natural hair conditioners and also good for your stomach and fecal problems.

Awesome Oatmeal

Do you know how to increase height naturally? This is one more vegetarian ingredient which helps to increase height and also helps in bone capacity building.

Oat meals are rich sources of fiber and protein which increases bone density and mass and also repairs muscles and tissues in the body. The amino-acids which are richly found in oats help in new tissue formation as well.

Recipes with oats are also very easy to prepare and also very tasty at times. If you are trying to increase your height soon then do not forget to include at least 50 grams of this in your regular meals.

Nutty Tales

Nuts and seeds should be made a regular content of your every day meal plan especially if you are trying to find some ways to increase height. There are very important minerals in nuts and seeds such as cashews, almonds, apricots, pistachios, pumpkin and flax seeds and others too.

These help in increasing growth hormones thus speeding up the process of becoming taller. These minerals also help in the building of newer tissues inside the body.

Try adding these nuts and seeds to your salads, soups and smoothies too. You can also paste and add them to your milk for a nice flavor or simply snack on them.

Eat Greens

Green leafy vegetables are one of the best ways to increase height because they contain a variety of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins which are very useful for muscles and tissue repairing and also for growth development in people of all ages.

Besides, green and leafy vegetables are good to keep us fit and healthy too. Some specific vegetables to make us grow a little taller are spinach, collar-greens, peas, coleslaw and so many more.

Fishy Platter

We all love to have fish and there can be no saying no if these are sea fishes. The good news is that fishes like tuna, sardines and salmons are also very good ways to increase height with all sorts of minerals in them.

Fishes contain a lot of minerals and proteins which are helpful to absorb nutrients from other foods and help in the process of activating hormones which in turn are responsible for growth and height development.

The nutrients and minerals contained in fishes are also helpful in the repairing of bones and muscles which otherwise get eroded due to time and age.

3. Aswagandha Remedy

Scientifically known as withania somnifera, this is also known as Indian ginseng and is a very good ways to increase height. This is not really a food ingredient but herb which should be used in dried and powdered form.

There are many minerals in this one which help to increase height and also protect bones and tissues. You just have to make sure that you are not consuming any sort of oily and spicy food during this span of time. Mix powdered aswagandha in a cup of cow’s milk and you can add a little sugar to this. Drink this hot before going to bed every day for 45 days and just see the difference.

4. Good Posture

How to increase the height is also depends on the good standing posture.Following a good posture can make a lot of difference to the personality of a person. A bad posture will give rather bad consequences to your body.

Always ensure that your head as well as the neck are aligned completely minus any slouching or bending. A bad posture will practically result in the spinal cord to demote normal height in the person. Maintaining a proper posture with straight pose will help you in achieving the proper growth and height of your body.

5. Yoga For Increase Height Naturally

To increase your height, it is very important that you work out appropriately. Working out can be in any form, either exercise or yoga. Choose whatever is comfortable for you and make sure you regularly practice it. Practicing yoga particularly is proved to be more beneficial as it is specifically designed to enhance the mental and physical ability of a person.

The yoga poses like cobra pose (bhujangaasana withania somniferasana), tree pose (vrikshasana), mountain pose (tadasana), triangle pose (trikonasana), pleasant pose (sukhasana), are specially designed to increase the height of a person.

Another very beneficial asana is the Surya namaskara, which takes care of the overall welfare of the body. Yoga is very effective and giving fast result exercise for how to increase height.

Surya Namaskar : This asana comprises of 12 different postures which is performed in a chronological manner.

Tadasana : Tadasna is very important yoga asana to strengthen your arms, spines as well as your legs.

Trikonasana : This yogasana aids in enhancing your balance. The asana is known as triangle pose and it gives you a good posture.

Sukhasana : Sukhasana is supposed to be the central position and it is from here that the other poses originated. Through this posture you will be able to control your breathing as well as tone up your hips and your lower back.

Adhomukha Svanasana : This particular asana is also known as the downward facing dog. This particular asana helps to increase the blood flow towards your neck and face.

6. Exercises For How To Increase Height

We have so many ways to increase height. In those there are many exercises which will help you to increase your height. Some of them are listed below:

Hanging On A Rod

If you want know the answer for how can i increase my height, then follow the below exercises. Most of the time in your day is spent in a vertical position .To grow tall, gravity is a big hurdle as it compresses the joints, spine, crunches the cartilages a result of which you become shorter.

Therefore you can enhance your chances of becoming taller by the simple exercise of hanging down on a rod. This exercise if done regularly will help you achieve that extra 2 inches which otherwise you may not be able to. By doing this exercise you are practically stretching your spine through the weight of your lower torso.


Take a horizontal rod, place it a height enough for hanging on it by holding it firmly and allow your body to extend completely. Bend your knees slowly until you hang yourself upside down freely. Hang in this position for at least 20 minutes and repeat it many times.

Pelvic Shift

This exercise is very common and one of the favorite exercise of the gym instructors. This is a very simple exercise which will require a hell lot of stretching up of your hips as well as your spine.


Lay on your back, place your shoulders as well as your arms on the ground firmly. Bend your knees slowly and get your feet as close as possible to your buttocks. Arch you back in such a way that your pelvis thrusts upward. Maintain this position for at least 20 seconds initially and then increase the count.

Dry Land Swim

The Alternate Leg Kick exercise or the dry land exercise focuses on your lower back.


Lie on your stomach with your body completely extended. Place your arms straight in front and let the palms face the floor. Raise your left arm much higher compared to your right arm lift your right leg off the floor as much as possible. Keep the other leg straight on the ground. Maintain the position for good 4 to 5 seconds. After that raise the other leg and repeat the exercise.


Swimming is a very recommended exercise if you want to increase your height. If it is started at an early age it can contribute immensely to good growth. Swimming is a complete body workout that aims at strengthening and building muscles. You must practice breaststroke if you want to increase height naturally. It is recommended to swim for two hours daily for atleast 4-5 days in a week if you want to reap benefits.

Rope Jumping

Rope jumping also known as skipping is not just a fun game but also a good sport for height increase. When you jump always make sure that your body is straight and your spine and back is stretched. Rope jumping exercise helps in building bone mass in your lower legs and this eventually contributes to height gain.

7. Good Sleep

A healthy life has to be maintained for the well-being of the body. To have a great life, sleep is very important. To get a very good sleep you need to make sure you have healthy food and follow a healthy lifestyle. A bad sleep or a disturbing half sleep can adversely affect the health of a person.

The quality of sleep is very vital for increasing height! Why? Well, because it is during the sleep that the regeneration of the tissue takes place. Besides that the growth hormones in the body is produced during a person’s sleep.If you are not able to get a good sleep at night, use these tips to rest in peace at night:

Drink a cup of chamomile tea just before retiring to bed. This will relax your mind and also induces sleep.

Take a warm bath just prior to sleeping and you will be able to notice the difference. According to various studies, a sudden fall in the body temperature is helpful in inducing sleep.

8. Get Your Dose Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very crucial substance for the development of the bones of a person. Soaking in some sunlight is the best and easiest way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Early morning sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. Some of the vegetables are very rich in vitamin D which is very useful for how to increase my height.

9. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is another important thing useful for how to increase height.Water is very important for the body. Body contains a lot of toxins that requires to be flushed out and water helps in that process. It is advisable to drink 2 liters of water on a daily basis.

This will ensure the body is well hydrated and checks on the metabolism as well. The body has to have good metabolism in order to achieve a good height. Improper metabolism interferes with the height development

10. Dress Up Accordingly

If you are short already and want to look taller, you can do that through dressing up in vertical designs. It will give an impression of looking taller.

11. Boost your Immune System

Various studies have revealed that specific illness during childhood can also be a cause of stunted growth. Hence it is important to ensure proper functioning of the immune system.

This can easily be achieved by regular immunization and consuming a balanced nutritious diet. It should be remembered that healthy diet is imperative to a stronger immune system.

Therefore add plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes to your daily diet. In order to maintain smooth working of the immune system it is important get a healthy dose of Vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants from your diet.

12. Build your Confidence

Last but never the least, if you desire good height you need to keep your confidence level high. Even a taller person who lacks confidence, stands nowhere in this world. Hence it is important to inculcate confidence from the beginning.

This will help you to participate more in physical activities at school and club and also plays a positive role in choosing your hobbies or pursuing your interests.

By building your confidence you will be able to make a mark for yourself, irrespective of your stature. Isn’t it the most simple answer to how can I increase my height?

13. Avoid Few Thing For Increase Your Height

There are few things that you need to totally avoid in order to increase your height, they are:

a) Avoid Smoking And Drinking

Smoking and drinking as everyone knows is very injurious to health. The issue is that the person who smokes gets so addicted to smoking that he tends to forget or ignore the consequences of this habit. The consequences that I am talking about are of course the damage it does to the vital organs of our body.

Drinking as well as the smoking addiction can interfere in the growth of a person in terms of height. If you aim to achieve great height, than you should most definitely goodbye to your smoking habits. How increase height is depends on the habitual actions of humans like drinking and smoking.

b) Say No To Growth Inhibitors

There are several growth inhibitors or pills which claim for how to increase our height like magic. Understand the fact that height cannot be increased just like that within a fortnight. It is a natural process and only natural things can help us achieve that.

Taking these unnatural pills can only cause harm to your body and also cause many side effects. Consuming any kind of growth hormones are also very bad for health, it can cause stunted growth or retardation too.

c) Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine intake as everyone knows is very harmful for the body. Too much of caffeine can interfere in the growth process and adversely affect the body in several ways. Caffeine also interferes in the sleep pattern of a person.

d) Avoid Steroids

Steroids most definitely affect the bone growth particularly in young kids as well as teenagers.

e) Avoid Excess Sugar

Sugar is also very bad for health. The excessive usage of sugar can result in stunted height too. Excessive sugar intake by a person will interfere in an individual’s physiological processes. It does not allow the normal functioning of storing and utilizing calcium.

How to increase height, these are the many options. You can implement this in your life and definitely reach the great heights, quite literally! Genes are something that one cannot alter so you need to think practically before everything and so we have listed for you the most practical things possible to improve your height.

To sum it all up, all you need to do is follow a very healthy and a clean lifestyle. Eat healthy and nutritious food, get appropriate sleep, do the exercises regularly and say no to all artificial things. Perseverance and patience can ultimately lead you to success.


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